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Integrate Society

Founder Natasha V. Brereton born in early part of 1976 @ San Fernando General Hospital to "deceased Vernon Joseph and mother Brenda Brereton Joseph in Trinidad & Tobago West Indies. 

A native from the only twin island commonly called T N T.... Migrated to US in 1992; after graduating from Pleasant Ville Senior Comprehensive High School

                  Graduated from Long Beach Polytechnic High School Long Beach CA

Short Brief: 
Served in US Navy attached to A-6 E Intruders decommissioned 1998
Founder Natasha V. Brereton provided bootstrapping "advance oneself" assistance through inspirational advocacy; offering food, clothing and occasional shelter to homeless and near homeless individuals since 2007 after graduating from college  in Jax FL where she earned her Paralegal degree; majoring in Family Law. 

"Recently, there has been greater need for Faith Based private citizens and professional organizations in our geographic area",... Quote.. The founder Natasha V. Brereton stated while employed for a non-profit organization in Jacksonville FL while being employed as a Fair Housing Discrimination Testing Investigator  during the summer of 2008; she launched a pilot program focused to initially assist victims of domestic violence get back on their feet, by providing resources and alternatives versus opportunities for the survivors; according to SJA-The Branch Director, “Little recognition and value were being given to the contributors of faith-based Organizations in our rural neighborhood“. We are considered Silencers"  She opened up her home, fed and clothed the poor and needy while she too recovered from domestic violence, She continued to provide individuals seeking guidance in divine assistance and support needed to bring awareness to spiritual freedom, financial education, along with “Bootstrapping opportunities to survivors Life . 


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